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Limited Edition “Denim Divine” by CATRICE 

When I saw the press release in my inbox I just had to share. The packaging is so gorgeous! Rose Gold, so pretty, girlie and Luxurious, it would look pretty on your dresser,in your make up bag and when you’ve finished ogling it you get to apply it! 

The range consists of the following: 

Denim Divine by Catrice – Eye Shadow Palette Carpe Denim!  



Open the luxurious metallic, rose-gold packaging to unveil a multitude of silky textures and a large make-up brush in this exclusive palette. This contains six highly pigmented powder eyeshadows ranging from soft nudes and fresh apricot to brown and bronze tones, as well as a dark indigo shade for a sultry finish. Available in C01 Injeanious, RRP €7.95*.

Denim Divine by Catrice – Liquid Liner 

Indigo Eyes. This liquid eyeliner in dark blue delivers a cool matt texture with long-lasting results. The fine brush applicator allows accurate application for perfectly curved lines, perfect for creating a statement eye make-up look. Available in C01 Dark Denim Blue, RRP €3.50.

Denim Divine by CATRICE – Luminous Lip Gloss

 Who doesn’t want smooth and glossy luscious lips for summer?! The semi-transparent, light texture of this new Lip Gloss provides the lips with a slight shimmer in a choice of fresh coral or subtle nude. Available in C01 Women’s Cut and C02 Comfort Fit, RRP €3.95*

Denim Divine by CATRICE – Powder Blush 

Create a blushing summer complexion with this new powder blush in a fresh peach tone. Easy to apply and blend, this plush emphasizes the cheekbones beautifully and creates a natural-looking, silky matt finish. In a nod to its denim inspiration, this product carries a unique jeans embossment on the surface of the blush! Available in C01 Stone Blushed. RRP €4.50.

Denim Divine by CATRICE – Bronzer

Nothing screams summer like a sun kissed glow! This fine bronzing powder delivers a soft matt finish for a naturally tanned look, and can also be used for contouring. With its unique jeans embossment and rose-gold packaging, this bronzer is a beauty bag must-have! Available in C01 Hot TANts. RRP €5.50. 

Denim Divine by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer 

 Five brand new nail polishes await you to perfectly complement your summer denim: deep midnight blue, fresh coral, bright red, subtle almond brown and soft nude. The formula of these new nail lacquers delivers extraordinary coverage, lasting durability and a beautiful finish, and the professional brush allows smooth and neat application. The unique square packaging also carries the collection’s with its authentic jeans embossment on the lid. Available in C01 Dark Denim Blue, C02 Fabricot, C03 Women’s Cut, C04 Comfort Fit and C05 Gold Miners. RRP €3.50*.

“Denim Divine” by CATRICE will be available in Penneys stores and selected pharmacies nationwide from mid-April to mid-May 2016.

My March Make Up Favourites 

I have compiled just some of my make up favourites I have been mainly using this month. 

Inglot #77 Gel Liner  This liner has become iconic in the make up world and I can vouch for that. It’s pigment is so good the black is the blackest liner I’ve come across. It’s formulation makes it easy to apply and create your desired look from a close to the lash line gentle subtle line look or a dramatic feline flick. It’s also blend-able if applied under eyeshadow to give you a dark smoky eye. Use it in the water line to smoke out the eyes and give a sexy smouldery look. This liner is a staple in my kit and I would be lost without it, I always have a spare. It’s waterproof too which means if you have “leaky eye” or may cry at the wedding you are attending your eyeliner won’t be ruined 💋

Inglot AMC Eyeliner gel is €15 Get it online here Inglot.ie

Bourjois Java Rice Powder

   I picked up this Bourjois Java Rice powder as I’d read quite a few bloggers on about it and I decided to check it out. Always in search of products to give that “glow” and serial Magpie that I am I couldn’t not, could I? 

I ordered it online from Boots and picked it up in my local store two days later. On first impression I fell in love with the cute vintage packaging and couldn’t wait to get home to try it. 

I’ve been using it daily now on myself and a few clients and I love it. I have applied it  all over my face and also just where I want highlighting on cheekbones, down the nose and on collar bones and it’s finish is subtle and gives a gentle glow. I love the rose scent but this does fade throughout the day. I love the little swivel sifter inside which prevents you using too much and can also help wasting should it fall. 

Bourjois Java Rice Powder is €12.99 available at Boots
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation


One of my all time favourite foundations! The coverage is amazing making application time so much faster. It’s so easy to apply and blend and because the coverage is so good it cuts down on concealing. I find after applying Make Up For Ever HD foundation my clients skin is flawless and may only need a minimal amount of concealer for spots which have a lot of redness or stubborn dark under eye colouring which is easily covered with either a few strokes of foundation or a small amount of concealer. 

HD Foundation is an oil-free medium-to-full coverage liquid foundation which covers skin imperfections, while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life. It is available in a wide range of shades to suit all skin tones.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation is €40.50 available here Make Up For Ever

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon pencils  

 I am in love with Champagne Diamonds and Dark Pearl. 

Champagne Diamonds was designed to bring out the colour gemstone in your blue eyes and add sparkle to your eye make up. 

Dark Pearl is designed to bring out the gemstone sparkle in brown eyes.   

Thes eyeshadow pencils are easy to apply and as the product is soft in texture it doesn’t drag along the eye and is so easy to blend and smudge out. 

I love applying Champagne Diamonds in the inner corner of the eye to open up small eyes and highlight the area adding a bit of sparkle too. 

Dark Pearl gives anyone the ability to create a fast smoky eye. 

If you want to have a subtle smoky eye I suggest applying the pencil as close to the upper and lower lash line and smudging out with your ring finger or a blending eye brush. Applying a small amount of eyeshadow over this an blending will help set it and last you all day. 

For a more dramatic look, apply the Dark Pearl pencil eyeshadow all over your eyelid and blend with a brush or your fingers to smudge out any lines and blend into your socket line. I like to pat on a Similar brown eyeshadow or waned brown to set and make it stay put. 

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon pencils are €25 and you can shop here Brown Thomas

CATRICE Liquid Camouflage High Coverage concealer 


If you haven’t got this concealer in your make up bag or heard the rave reviews about it you need to snap one up! I love colours 010 and 020 

It’s my Beauty Budget Buy of the month.

The light but creamy consistency of this concealer makes it perfect for all your concealing needs. Perfect for hiding spots or blemishes, dark circles or discolouration, pigmentation and also fab for highlighting your features and giving your face dimension. 

I apply it with the applicator and blend under eyes with tip of my ring finger gently patting the product to blend it in. To conceal spots or blemishes I apply the product to the back of my hand and with a cotton bud dot it where needed and blend with a soft brush making sure not to over blend and remove the product. Setting the concealer with some setting powder ensures it will not move for the day. It’s also waterproof so great for the summer months when we are all a bit more active. 

CATRICE Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealers are €3.95 shop online here @ Meaghers.ie or in Penneys and Pharmacies Nationwide 

Holly Shortall talks make up & Skin Care

I had the opportunity to chat with the Uber cool Holly Shortall.
I followed her progress with anticipation when she was a contestant on T.V. show “style wars”.
Holly’s style and love for the quirky and alternative fashion had me hooked for weeks!
Holly now a Fashion Illustrator with huge success doing Illustrations of Irelands Top Fashion pack and Iconic Imelda May & Victoria Beckham along with one of Ireland’s most successful beauty/fashion bloggers Joanne Larby”The Make Up Fairy”.
Holly is also a visual supervisor for gap but going part time in September to pursue her illustration dream even further.



Here I ask Holly about her favourite make up products and skincare too:

What skin care regime do you use morning & evening?

I use johnsons face wipes at night to get rid of the days make up. followed by a vichy night cream. The air conditioning where I work is not great so in the morning I use the wipes again to wake me up and then a light Astral moisturiser for under my make up.

Do you use moisturise? If so what do you use?

See above!

Do you have a must have skin care item?

Has to be Johnson’s wipes, some wipes you get are barely wet so you have to use several and really drag them across your face, so these are fab. Oh and also suncream! I haven’t gotten burnt in a few years now it’s just not worth it. My mums always kept her face out of the sun and you can tell, her skin is amazing!

What is your favourite beauty treatment ?

Has to be a manicure, I love a round French manicured nail- very sophisticated!

Favourite foundation?

Vichy Dermablend, it’s amazing!

Favourite make up brand?

I love MAC, there really is no competition their lipsticks, eye shadows and powders are just amazing.

Can’t live without?

My eyebrow pencil. I genuinely despair at photos of me from before the eyebrow trend kicked off!

Love product?

Catrice Nail Varnish (€2.99) I have almost every colour! They literally dry in 10 seconds and last ages.

Leave product?

Maybeline potted gel eyeliner. I used this once to do a cats eye flick and two hours later my whole eyelid was black! It just doesn’t dry- so I binned it.

If you had €200 what skin care or make up would you purchase?

I’d go into the fabulous Elaine in MAC on Henry St, let her work her magic on me by creating whatever look she wanted and then purchase all of the products used. I’d also love to see what all the Creme De La Mere fuss is about

Does make up change how you feel about yourself?

100%! For me It’s like coffee: I’m just not myself without it! If I woke up late for work Id forgo breakfast for 5 more minutes to do my make up.

And lastly what’s your favourite make up look?

I love a strong arched brow, big black cats eye flick and a bright pink matt lip. A modern take on a classic fifties look.

Check out Holly’s amazing Illustrations click here: https://www.facebook.com/hollyshortallillustration