PS Pro Make Up From Penneys/Primark 

It was like Christmas had come early to our home when the postman arrived with this box of PS.Pro make up from Penneys/Primark and I was so excited to try out all of my new goodies! 

Here are the lipsticks I received which have been integrated nicely into my kit and have been used on clients ever since I received them and to glowing reviews I might add. The lipstick consistency is creamy and gives a satin finish, they are moisturising and leave lips feeling kissable and soft. The pigments are amazing and it’s quite easy to forget that these are a budget brand, they are comparable to a high end beauty brand and are definitely worth every cent. 

The Primers are fantastic and I was shocked by the quality for such a reasonable price point. They are easy to apply and blend right in to the skin, can be worn alone or under foundation. I love to mix the illuminating primer with foundation and apply it all over the face to give a gorgeous glow. 

The Mattifying primer is amazing on oily or combination skin types and does effectively keep shine at bay. 

Next is the Miracle primer which smoothes out fine lines and does prep older skin for make up perfectly and gives a flawless base. 

The Liners are like felt tip pens and are like stains for the skin, they are build able so you can decide what intensity you prefer and they are long lasting and coordinate with Lip colours. 

The Rose Gold Foundation Brush is a favourite piece of kit for me. I like to use it to buff out any cream contouring to make sure it’s fully blended into the skin and removes any harsh lines. 

The Transluscent powder really surprised me. I wasn’t expecting the quality to be so good. I have tried it out and I love the lightness of it, it’s quite fine and it does what you’d expect a powder to do and that is to set your foundation making it stay put for the day and keep shine at bay on oily areas like your T zone and over oily eye lids. It’s definitely one for the make up bag!  

Felt tip eye liner was interesting to me as it is angled and quite thick. So, best for more dramatic liner, you can angle it to achieve a thinner line above your lashes but creating a delicate feline flick wouldn’t be advisable. Works well after you’ve applied false lashes to deepen and darken your liner though and this is where I have found it useful. The correction pen is like a retro magic marker I used to have when I was little and it does work well. I have used it with the lip liners from the PS PRO range to clean up lip lines after a model has eaten lunch and it saves so much time and is a gr8 piece of kit. I always give it a wipe with alcohol afterwards to keep it sterile.

The mascara was another thing I was pleasantly impressed with. I found it worked well when you want to layer up mascara to give length to lashes and didn’t seem to clump lashes either, so a thumbs up again from me. 

This green toned colour corrector is gr8 for high colouring on cheeks and perfect to take down any redness if a client has red spots. Applying a tiny amount and blending well before foundation is applied it will give a gentle camouflage of the red tone in the skin and leave skin more balanced and even. 

The range is so affordable with prices ranging from €3.00 

It’s exclusively available to the following stores in Dublin:

Mary Street

O’Connell Street



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