I’m Loving these lip cushion powders from Catrice

I’ve been trying out lots of new products lately, tan, skin care and make up and I am loving these cushion powder lips from CATRICE. 

The pigment is really good as you can see by my swatches and they lasted on my lips for a good 6-7 hours leaving a hint of colour behind but without the dryness and cakiness I have experienced with matte lip products. 

These are cleverly designed with a spongy type applicator (cushion) which you can dab onto your lips to give your lips instant colour without looking too overly made up. 

Comparing to normal lipsticks, there is no comparison. These give your lips a stain, bitten look, and it’s so gorgeous for summer when you don’t want to be worrying about your lipstick moving,bleeding or smearing when you eat or drink. These babies stay put and are imperfectly perfect for a look which says I do not look overly done up.

To get these gorgeous cushion powder lips from Catrice head to your local Penneys or pharmacy now, you won’t be sorry I promise 💋💄❤️


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