I’m so sorry I wasn’t active much of last year but LIFE just took over body,mind and soul.

There were family dramas and some losses and blogging became too hard, writing in a happy tone became impossible.

I tried to concentrate more on my instagram as pictures do the talking and I just had to caption them with hashtags, much easier.

We lost our beloved Luna, our black beauty cat, she caught a nasty virus and couldn’t fight it. We were there with her right up to her last breath and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Myself and my daughter were devastated, she was part of our family for seven years and we miss her everyday.

We also said goodbye to little Cami our Syrian hamster, we didn’t have her very long, she fell off the sofa and passed away very quickly. Another sad day.

My daughter changed schools which was a massive adjustment in both our lives, but the best decision, I only wish we’d done it sooner. Walking away from negativity and bullies felt so refreshing and empowering.

We adopted two little kittens in August Poppy and Lilly and they are the cutest little furry babies. They have certainly woken our house up, they are crazy and very funny!

Anyway that’s just a brief summary for 2018, I could go on but I’d fear I’d bore you all.

My next blog will also be up today.

Until then kisses and Happy New Year xxx

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