I have looked at Phibrows for a long time, thinking this could be the answer to my prayers as I have very few eyebrow hairs left after manic plucking sessions in the 90’s!

I had saved up to have the procedure done last year but my little car Lola needed work so my eyebrow money was spent on that.

Recently I won a competition to have Phibrows done with Phi Master Kim O’Sullivan and I was so happy I actually cried.

So, on Wednesday this week I had my appointment and it’s safe to say I was nervous and excited at the prospect of having proper brows again.

As you can see by my before photo, I had very few eyebrow hairs!!!

Kim went through the formalities and forms, measurements and shapes to suit my bone structure etc. and the procedure began with numbing cream and the first cuts ( Scraping, weird sensation) It was uncomfortable but I kept thinking of the end result, BROWS!

Anyway, I could go on and on but I’ll keep it brief!

Here’s a pic of me about 30 mins later in my car with my new pals (BROWS)

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