A few months ago I was hired to do a photo shoot for a book cover little did I know that it was for Trisha Lewis instagram sensation with over 100 thousand followers.

Trisha was unbelievably energetic, enthusiastic and her laugh is infectious. Her friend Dan Sweeney was with her in the studio too and the laughs we had that day with photographer Marc O’Sullivan when he was getting Trisha to do all sorts of high kicks, jumping jacks and hold tea cups and fruit to get the perfect shot.

The book is essentially Trisha’s weightloss and life changing story along with recipes as Trisha is a chef in Cork restaurant Jacob’s on The Mall. The book is filled with emotion of a woman on a massive journey and her followers on Instagram are her “Transformers” whom she inspires to “Beat The Bulge”.

The look and brief was for natural make up and with Trisha’s guidance we built it up to “Cork Natural” which envolved more of everything.

I’m delighted to be part of the number one best seller book and love how the book has been recieved.

The book from Gill Books is available in all good book shops and Easons.com

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