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Goodies I receieved from Charlotte Tilbury

This package from Charlotte Tilbury has totally blown me away. The very beautiful girls at Charlotte Tilbury sent me a gorgeous selection of some of her iconic products to try and use on shoots! 

I used some of these products on a recent Cover shoot for Confetti Wedding Magazine and I was very impressed.

*Charlotte’s Magic Cream is just the most gorgeous moisturiser which is just divine on the skin, it made the skin feel soft and hydrated to the touch and the fragrance is like honey! It also has an SPF 15 in it to protect you from harmful UVA. It’s also a treatment for the skin which transforms tired dull skin and it’s anti aging properties of collagen-boosting ingredients will make your skin appear younger! Bring it on:)

*Wonder Glow: what a product! It’s a liquid highlighter which unlike many I’ve tried and tested before is a beautiful colour, not too glittery or white. It can be used alone after moisturising, under foundation or over foundation. It gives the skin that glowy appearance I’m so often asked for and is subtle enough to not glare or flashback in photos. A real must have for every make up bag I think. 

*Magic foundation: 

I was sent two colours: 2 Fair and 5 Medium. 

I absolutely love this foundation. I’ve tried it on myself and on clients and the consistency is so smoothing and soft to the touch. Coverage is medium-full and is not at all drying on the skin in fact I think when you are wearing the foundation it nearly feels like it’s good for your skin in a skin treatment kind of way. And again it smells gorgeous. 

*Lip Magic 

This gorgeous lip product gives your lips nourishment and moisture which is badly needed after winter. It rejuvenates and smoothes lips thus making them appear younger and fuller. The consistency is not too sticky and it’s perfect under lipstick or glosses as it continues to replenish your lips while you wear it. And it’s handy pot can travel anywhere with you. Another make up bag must have. 

*Cheek to Chic – Swish & Pop Blusher – Love is The Drug.

“Your cheeks should GLOW with the flush of first love every day” 

I love this blusher, the colour and the pigment are so strong yet easily blended a little goes a long way.the colour is really the flushed pretty look, like you’ve just had a lovely stroll through the park. 

Charlotte recommends:

SWISH brush around the outer shade, tap off the excess, smile in a mirror then run brush flat on top of cheekbones, to add structure.

POP- Dip tip of brush in the centre colour, tap off excess. Pop onto apples of the cheeks to make them glow. Blend seamlessly together. 

*Charlotte Tilbury & Norman Parkinson – Colour Of Youth. Healthy,Happy Lip & Cheek Glow.

“Capture the youthful,soft-focus light of Parkinson’s lens, encased in the dreamy glamour of vintage Hollywood”

Apply to the cheeks for a youthful flush using a foundation brush or your fingertips. Start from the apple of cheek and work outwards. 

I love this product, it’s so gorgeous and fresh for the spring/ summer and so easy to blend. I’ve used it on the lips too and it’s just like a hint of colour. The pigment is great too so go easy. A light dusting of translucent powder will make this last longer and set it so it doesn’t budge all day. 

*The Sophisticate Luxury Palette

Genius little palette and the colours are neutral so wearable for most. Warm and cool Browns with blend so easily together and the pigment is great. A perfect handbag/make up bag essential for nude/brown eyeshadow lovers. 

“Each palette contains four harmonious shades in an easy-to-use application ritual”

“The power to mesmerise is in your eyes. With this make-up, hypnotise”

Rock’N’Kohl eye cheat for bigger brighter eyes. 

The classic- eye powder pencil.

Both of these pencils have made my life! 

*The iconic eye cheat totally brightens up your eyes in an instant and really does last all day/night. I don’t know why I didn’t have this before. It’s so great for freshening up models who have just come from a long day shooting or a bride who hasn’t slept well the night before her wedding. I do think it should be called the “MAGIC PENCIL” a definite for everyone. 

“For the ultimate rock chick ‘Bedroom Eyes’, rest the pencil in the inner corner lash line and draw along to define the eye. Retrace &smoke up for added drama”

“Lasts for up to 14 hours with no transfer”

*The classic eye shadow pencil-The Sophia. 

Such a soft eye pencil which is so versatile and easy to use. Can be used to line lash line or to create a smoky eye. So easy to blend and can transform your day look to a night time look very quickly if you are time limited. Gorgeous brown which would complement any skin/eye colour and less harsh than black liner. 

*Lip Cheat. Re-Shape & Re-Size Lip Liner

I was sent the shade ‘Pink Venus’ which actually is perfect with the ‘Colour of Youth’ product I spoke about earlier. A lovely soft pencil which makes liking lips so easy as it doesn’t drag. Staying power is great (up to 7 hrs) and it’s waterproof so perfect for the beach. I also used this alone and dabbed some *Lip Magic on top and it was so fresh and pretty. 

*Colour Chameleon pencils

I was sent two shades: 

*Champagne Diamonds: 

Charlotte recommends this for blue eyes but I think it’s gorgeous on green and brown eyes too. ” Intensify your eyes’ Natural colour & sparkle. Choose from a soft-focus day or stunning night look tailored to your eye colour. Infused with synthetic sapphire. Lasts up to 10hours and is waterproof.”

It’s so creamy and lovely to blend. I blended this with fingertips and it’s gorgeous on the inner corner of the eyes to open eyes up and give a wide awake effect. The glitter is subtle and pretty and it’s so light not like other cream shadow sticks. 

*Dark Pearl:

This is so gorgeous and for those who struggle to create a smoky eye, this would make your life so much easier. It’s the kind of product I will recommend to my clients to have in your handbag so you can create a night time look straight after work and head to the bar. 


*K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Nude Kate lipstick 

This gorgeous nude lipstick is so popular and I can see why. It’s a warm nude with peachy under tones and so moisturising on lips. Would suit most skin colours and is a perfect lipstick to accompany a dark smoky eye. 

*Matte Revolution- Between the Sheets is a coral colour lipstick with lasting power. Would be gorgeous on brides and because it’s matte it would need less touch ups compared to other lipsticks or glosses. The pigment is good so only a light application is needed. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog on my Charlotte Tilbury goodies and you can find the full range on her site Here

Also available in Ireland at Brown Thomas πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹