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Giorgio Armani Cruise Collection

LIFE IS A CRUISE is the spirit of a private yacht summer cruise on the Mediterranean. 

Presented in a two-part series, LIFE IS A CRUISE focuses first on the face, glowing with sun-drenched colors. Episode two will bring out the eyes with the colors of a beautiful summer’s night.

For its new LIFE IS A CRUISE FACE collection, Giorgio Armani has once again drawn inspiration from the light of the Mediterranean sun to warm and enhance the skin.

This collection features summer makeup that can be worn all year long to bring a natural looking glow to any skin tone, for that “just back from holiday” look. With a three-product routine suited for all skin tones, the skin is heightened with warm, natural colors like those of the sun. 

The ritual features two star products and one new product:

– MAESTRO UV SKIN DEFENSE PRIMER SFP50 preserves and protects the skin against UV rays.

– MAESTRO LIQUID SUMMER BRONZER, with its legendary ultra-light formula, recreates the perfect sun-kissed glow.

– The new SUNRISE PALETTE flatters all skin tones with warm, natural colors.




MAESTRO UV SKIN DEFENSE PRIMER SPF 50 protects the skin at all times. This liquid primer combines high UV protection with an antioxidant action, enveloping the skin in a protective veil. Its lightweight texture appears to vanish without a trace and is undetectable. 


MAESTRO LIQUID SUMMER BRONZER creates an amazingly natural-looking summer glow with flawless facial contours. Infused with micro-spheres, MAESTRO LIQUID SUMMER BRONZER boasts a silky weightless texture, as soft and airy as a powder. It lets the skin breathe and gives it a sheer glow. Three warm and luminous shades, N°090, N°100 and°110, adapt to all skin tones. Apply MAESTRO LIQUID SUMMER BRONZER over the entire face or in touches from the cheeks to the temples for a natural summer glow. A single drop is enough to revive the complexion.

The SUNRISE PALETTE bronzing powder flatters every skin tones with a warm, radiant tan, for a natural Mediterranean glow. More than just a powder, the limited-edition SUNRISE PALETTE boasts a creamy texture that glides on the skin with the stunning coverage provided by pure pigments. A simple brushstroke dresses the complexion with the warm, beautiful colors of a day out on a yacht.
The SUNRISE PALETTE is embossed with a wave just like light reflecting on the water. To be used alone or in a three-step routine, during the summer or all year round, LIFE IS A CRUISE FACE provides skin with a glowy summer tan and has a flawless hold.

Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Make-Up Artist

“Traditional bronzing products are usually way too grey or orange and always look fake and cheap. Inspired by Mr. Armani’s magnificent yacht, Main, I created the perfect bronzing collection for a flawless natural looking tan. For the first time, Giorgio Armani Beauty offers a collection that recreates the “just disembarked from your yacht” healthy tanned glow.”


Giorgio Armani Life Is a Cruise Collection will be available exclusively at Brown Thomas Dublin, Cork & Limerick or www.brownthomas.com from April 2017.




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Review: Microneedling my honest take on it 

I’ve been meaning to write this review for some time now and haven’t gotten around to it until now. 

Here’s some questions I have been asked by friends and family when they saw I had it done and my honest answers! 

 Did it hurt? 

I actually enjoyed the sensation and as I had numbing cream applied all over my face and neck it didn’t hurt at all, I could feel the needle around my lip area but not in a painful or uncomfortable way. I knew it was doing good for my skin, so I got a kick out of it. 

What was your skin like afterwards?

Red! It was like I was sunburnt, which I never normally experience as I have skin that tans in the sun so this was new to me. I had sunglasses with me so I popped them on. I wasn’t embarrassed, I went into the pavilions straight afterwards and got a gorgeous pair of boots. 

Can you wear make up after treatment?

Ciara applied SPF50 after my treatment to give my skin a barrier from the elements and protect from sun damage. It’s advised you don’t wear make up for 24 hours to get the full benefit and let your skin heal. I have used the SPF every day afterwards.

What was your skin like the next day? 

The following morning the redness had reduced significantly and I was delighted to apply my make up and feel like myself again. My skin did feel noticeably firmer and plumped, my frown lines were noticeably reduced and my skin on my neck was still a bit red and sensitive so I made sure to apply more SPF there.

Was your skin dry afterwards?

Around day 3 post microneedling my skin did flake and peel so I made up my favourite scrub of sugar, lemon and honey and gave my skin a drenching with serum and moisturiser afterwards every night until it calmed down. 

Would you recommend it? 

Definitely yes if you want to reduce lines and wrinkles, improve circulation, boost your collagen in your skin, help with break outs, acne scars and open pores.

How much does it cost? 

€95 per session which lasts 1 hour although some times there is a deal of€250 for three sessions! 

Where can I have it done? 

Biofresh have two stores in Swords and Drogheda. I had my microneedling done in Swords with Ciara. 

Contact  Biofresh here www.biofreshskincare.ie