Herbal Life review

This gorgeous little bottle of Herbal Life came in the post for me to try and I love it!
It’s scent is gorgeous and so refreshing straight after you wake up, after you shower, in the car, sitting at your desk or before you head out for a night out!

herbal life face quencher


What i love about these refreshing sprays or spritzers is that they redeem moisture back into my skin if I’ve been in an air conditioned or heated environment and they relive the tightness related to dry or dehydrated skin. Clients and brides love a little spray as part of the make up application process and this is going to be a welcome addition to my kit now.

Here’s the low down from Herbal Life:
Spritz on Radiant C Face Quencher to instantly cool and refresh water-starved skin. It’s a refreshing, fragrant, burst of moisture that acts like a natural “air conditioner.” It’s water-based so it won’t harm hairstyles or clothing, and it actually helps make-up stay fresher-looking.
Can be ordered here: Herbalife South Dublin