Daniella Moyles talks to Ann-Marie Carey Makeup

Daniella Moyles, One of Irelands most popular top models, T.V. presenter & a beautiful person who has just been signed by Hollywood agency Octagon takes time out of her hectic schedule before leaving for the states to tell me her secrets!

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What skin care regime do you use morning & evening?
I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to my skincare regime, my Mum works for a beauty salon so I have been well trained to cleanse, tone and moisturize every morning and evening. I also use an eye cream at night and try to use a face scrub once a week and a face mask once a fortnight.

Do you use moisturiser? If so what do you use?
I do, I don’t have a particular favourite brand though. Generally once there fragrance free and use natural ingredients I’m happy. At the moment I’m using a moisturizer I bought at the blue lagoon in Iceland, it’s incredible.

Do you have a must have skin care item?
E45 cream, so simple but so brilliant. I use it all over after every shower, and it’s great for your face too if your skin is irritated after a day of makeup.

What is your favourite beauty treatment ?
Microdermabrasion. I get one every 6-8 weeks at Ealu Spa in Naas. It is a wonder treatment!

Favourite foundation?
MAC face and body, I don’t like makeup that is too thick with very strong coverage. Face and body is light and blends really well into the skin for a really natural finish. Any blemishes can be gone over then with concealer.

Favourite make up brand?
I’m a creature of habit so definitely MAC although I do love NARS too and Rimmel for really affordable great eyeliners, mascaras and lip pencils! That’s more than one…

Can’t live without?
Brow powder. I’ve had an eyebrow obsession for coming up to 4 years now. I started growing mine out about 4 years ago when I realized they were a really unflattering shape, I got a brochure for a spa close to where I live and slowly shaped them myself to look like the girl who was on the cover of it. Now I really appreciate a good set of brows and couldn’t live without them filled to perfection.

Love product?
GloThreaputics – amazing!

Leave product?
Pan Stick/blue eyeshadow, close call between the two.

If you had €200 what skin care or make up would you purchase?
I would probably pick up a nice pot of creme de la mer and stay forever young.

Does make up change how you feel about yourself?
I love nothing more than going makeup free, in fact makeup reminds me of work mostly. I used to love spending an hour or so doing my makeup to go out but now the second I start applying I can’t wait to be finished. I love makeup but its become a bit of a chore.

And lastly what’s your favourite make up look?
Anything with a red lip.

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