Pretty Professional Make Up Brushes by Nima Brushes

This beautiful delivery arrived just in time for me to use on my cover shoot last week and to be honest I felt guilty using them. 

Have you ever possessed something so pretty and beautiful that you didn’t want to use it? Well, that’s exactly how I felt about my Nima Brushes. 

The colour of the handles is so distinctive and pretty, similar to the Tiffanys Jewellery pouches and boxes and the hair on the brushes are incredibly soft, even my model commented on how soft they are on her eyes & cheeks. A true testament as models especially this particular model has had her make up done hundreds of times for shoots & shows etc. And has felt a lot of different make up artists brushes, so her comments were like the holy grail. Most people are shocked and surprised to learn that I always give my new brushes a good wash before I use them on anyone. This helps remove any factory residue from the manufacturer where there could be particles from paint, fumes or dust etc. And I guess it’s just a habit with me now. ​​​​


I have since used my new make up brushes constantly and they have quickly replaced some of my old favourites in my kit. 

Nima Brushes is an Irish Owned company and you can order them Here at Nima Brush

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