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My Brush Buddy by my kitco the perfect Christmas gift for make up junkies 

The ultimate brush holder for make up lovers! Has four sections to organise your make up brushes £32.50

And The Big Brush Buddy for those who have loads of brushes ( perfect for make up artists) has six sections to separate and organise your tools of the trade £42.50

All available to order at MYKITCO.CO.UK

And for a limited time if you preorder now you will receive a free My Beauty Buffer Brush worth £14 which is perfect for applying foundation or concealer. 

Dimension Series from Blank Canvas Cosmetics 

In case you missed them on my snapchat I thought I’d share the prettiest professional make up brushes with you here. 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Have just created these metallic and rose gold beauties called the Dimension Series and they are seriously beautiful. 

The pink metallic,Rose Gold metallic & Gold metallic have already been a huge hit with make up lovers,Magpies and Make up artists already and I swooned for them too, so I was delighted and squealed with excitement when I received these in the post.

New colours, colour combinations, handle and ferrule design are among the vivid design options that turn our cherished artistic tools into a thing of absolute beauty in themselves 

Tired of silver and black? New colour options  include stylish combinations of gorgeous gold and hot pink, rich rose gold and black, metallic rose gold, and gold combined with champagne pink.

The complete collection of larger domed and rounded buffing and contouring brushes all feature exciting new looks. The range includes F01 Face Brush, F06 Bevelled foundation/contour brush,F08 Dome buffing brush,F31 Targeted Contour Brush,F33 Extréme Angle contour brush, F38 Round contour brush,F39 Dome Powder Brush,F41 Flat Tapered Cheek Brush, and the F43 Flat Rounded Multi face brush. 

Even the cutest and most precise brushes are looking super stylish in new rose gold and blank handled livery! These include F09 Flat eye/Face blending brush,F11 Large eyeshadow brush,F12 angled eye/face brush,F13 small eye/face blending brush,E01 round eye blending brush,and E03 lip detailer/inner tear duct brush.

Prices for single brushes start at €6.99 to €19.99

Handy BC Standee!

This fabulous faux leather ‘standee‘ brush bag comes in black and hot pink. Priced at €19.99 it’s ideal for storing your brush collection and perfect for travelling too. When opened it sits on its reinforced base, allowing handy access and easy sight of brushes.

 Blank Canvas Are available online from:www.blankcanvascosmetics.com 

All major stockists, including

 Cloud 10 beauty


  Meagher’s Pharmacies,



Cara Pharmacies

Happy Shopping 💋🌹❤️

Pretty Professional Make Up Brushes by Nima Brushes

This beautiful delivery arrived just in time for me to use on my cover shoot last week and to be honest I felt guilty using them. 

Have you ever possessed something so pretty and beautiful that you didn’t want to use it? Well, that’s exactly how I felt about my Nima Brushes. 

The colour of the handles is so distinctive and pretty, similar to the Tiffanys Jewellery pouches and boxes and the hair on the brushes are incredibly soft, even my model commented on how soft they are on her eyes & cheeks. A true testament as models especially this particular model has had her make up done hundreds of times for shoots & shows etc. And has felt a lot of different make up artists brushes, so her comments were like the holy grail. Most people are shocked and surprised to learn that I always give my new brushes a good wash before I use them on anyone. This helps remove any factory residue from the manufacturer where there could be particles from paint, fumes or dust etc. And I guess it’s just a habit with me now. ​​​​


I have since used my new make up brushes constantly and they have quickly replaced some of my old favourites in my kit. 

Nima Brushes is an Irish Owned company and you can order them Here at Nima Brush

The Make Up Fairy has just unveiled her first product! 

If you are looking for a special gift to give someone for Christmas this year maybe consider this make up brush set from Joanne Larby but I reckon they’ll be a sell out so better be quick off the mark! 

Well done Joanne xxx

They look so pretty and girly and the bag that accompanies them is just so original and unique too! 

Here’s what Joanne said on unveiling her product 

THE WAIT IS OVER!!! The first product from my new line is…A set of 12 make up brushes that I poured my heart and soul into for the past year. The name? Fairy Wands. The packaging? A rose bronze star complete with strap that functions as a handbag, brush holder, cushion and free standing display that looks luxurious. The brushes? Handmade, cruelty free, vegan friendly, and even kind to trees. The bristles? The softest hair you’ll ever touch, virtually shed free, that wash like a dream and retain their shape. The brush shapes? A collation of my all time favourite shapes compiled over the years as an MUA. The hair colour? White fading into peach so your brushes already look dipped in blusher instead of looking dirty when used. The handle? Tiffany turquoise to be that little bit different in every way. The price? €90 for the bag and full set. The PERFECT Christmas gift. Available for pre-sale tomorrow from my website at 8pm #enchantbyjl

Get yours Here


Make Up Brush Care 

How you treat your make up brushes will determine their longevity. I have always been scrupulous about keeping my brushes clean since my days in Make Up For Ever when I was 16 and did my work experience there. Annie was always great at teaching me all her tricks and her attention to detail has had a lasting effect on me. 

My time with M.A.C. Also made me hygiene conscious as the cleaning routine we had at the end of our day always sticks with me. We used to clean each and every lipstick, eyeshadow, faoundation thoroughly with Alcohol,cotton buds,tissues and Kitchen roll it really was an incredible routine we had going. Brush washing was never any of our favourite thing to do but two of us were always put of brush washing duties and this was a job in itself. 

We used to wash the make up brushes with M.A.C. Shampoo and conditioner and these brushes always held their shape and quality. 

I still wash my brushes with Shampoo or Fairy Anti-Bacterial washing up liquid and once a month I will condition the natural haired brushes to keep them soft. 

This cute little “Brush Egg” was sent to me by the lovely girls in The Beauty Deli and it definitely does speed up the brush washing routine.   
 *My Top Tip*

Make sure you rinse the brushes thoroughly though as they wont dry properly and the residue will effect blending performance of the brushes.

Always lay the brushes flat to avoid the ferrule or handles getting wet as this can effect the glue holding your brushes together.


 I have tried lots of brush cleaners and my favourite would be the brush cleaner from M.A.C. €15.50 As its fast drying, so I can use at weddings or shoots and don’t have to wait long for a brush to be dry. 

 A good budget buy would be the Penneys brush cleaner for €2.50 or Flormar brush cleanser €4.95  

Surgical spirits are great for lip and liner brushes as it removes the waxy build up from lipsticks or glosses and removes gel eye liner fully even Inglot #77 Gel Liner!! 

How often should you clean your brushes:

*Eyeshadow, blush and bronzer powder brushes should ideally be washed once every two weeks.

*Brushes that are used to apply liquid make-up like concealer, foundation, lipstick, or gel liner should be cleaned after each use, as when a brush gets wet, it can easily breed germs

*Cleaning brushes regularly also ensure that there is no product build up either which can makes it harder to apply your makeup flawlessly.
MAC Brush Cleaner

Flormar Brush Cleanser

Brush egg

Product list for Confetti Magazine Cover Shoot 

  I have had so many mails asking me what products I used on the current cover of Confetti Magazine so I have detailed it all here for you. 

I wanted to create a fresh,pretty, youthful and sophisticated make up look for the cover shoot with Grace. Here’s a product list and how I achieved it. 

Her skin is perfection so I kept the foundation application light mixing Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow with her Magic Foundation, this gave Graces skin a glowy yet flawless finish. 


  Contouring: was light using light brush movements to avoid that harsh look. 

I chose Cheek to Chic “Love is the drug” from Charlotte Tilbury for the blusher as this gave her a pop of colour on her cheeks without it looking too rosy! 


 I used the Sophisticate palette from Charlotte Tilbury and Champagne Diamonds eyeshadow pencil to give Graces eyes definition with a shimmer effect on the inner corner of the eyes to open them up. 
Liner was understated keeping product close to the top lashline and applying Charlotte Tilbury eye cheat to the waterline really opened the eyes up. Next I applied some mascara and some individual lashes with duo glue to add volume to lashes. Mascara was again added to blend lashes to individual ones & lighly applied to lower lashes. 

Lip Magic to prep and moisturise lips
Liner: Pink Venus lip cheat

Lipstick: colour of youth was applied to blend liner and give a flush of colour rather than a structured lip look, keeping it youthful and pretty.

All Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics and 
Using Blank Canvas Cosmetics Brushes.

I used individual lashes from Penneys to add subtle volume to Grace’s lashes.

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess oil was applied to any skin on show, this stuff really is amazing and smells gorgeous too.

Charlotte Tilbury
Blank Canvas
Cocoa Brown
Grace O’Mahony
Confetti magazine

Blank Canvas Cosmetics Make Up Brushes

Blank Canvas Cosmetics just sent me these gorgeous make up brushes and I can’t wait to use them on myself and try them out on upcoming shoots and projects!

As soon as I get a feel for the brushes and put them through the cleaning/washing process I shall blog about their performance for you all.

Until then here they are in all their glory and I am loving the compact case they came with.

Ann-Marie Carey Makeup - Ireland - Dublin - 01Ann-Marie Carey Makeup - Ireland - Dublin - 02


Blank Canvas Cosmetics Website
Blank Canvas Cosmetics Facebook
Blank Canvas Cosmetics Twitter


Real Techniques Make up Brushes

Great quality Make up Brushes are vital when it comes to applying make up. It’s the difference between shedding hairs on your models faces or scratchy harshness from cheap bad quality brushes. I have a vast array of brushes in my kit from Mac Cosmetics, Smashbox and Shu Eumura and have just had the opportunity to try these beauties from Sam Chapman’s Real Techniques range which are available on line or in Boots stores.


The softness, bristle quality and durability is so great even after constant washing and cleaning they still look brand new.

Clients have mentioned how lovely the brushes feel against their skin and I’ve had emails asking about them.