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The design, the girly animated packaging, formulations,colours,concepts, names of products and overall ethos of The Balm has always caught my eye.

I have had many products from The Balm and always purchased from Make Up For Ever on Clarendon Street.   

The very gorgeous people from The Balm have sent me some gorgeous products to use on my shoots and clients and I am in love with it all!    

 It’s safe to say the packaging is just so cute,quirky,girly and stands out from any other brand. 

 No matter how messy my kit is on a shoot day I can instantly identify The Balm products because of the distinctive packaging.    

 The products themselves are amazing quality too.     


I can’t wait to use these on exciting projects I have coming up and I will do a review too 💋💋💋

The Balm is available Here or from 

Make up For Ever

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Hair care favourites 

If like me you have coloured hair/ frizzy hair/ humidity disaster hair or dry ends then you’ll know the struggle is real to keep it looking shiny and healthy.

I have just a few of my favourite oils and sprays I use on the ends of my hair here to show you.  

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance is a leave in conditioning spray which you spray onto hair when it’s wet/damp and I find it amazing when my hair is drying out/frizzy as it calms the follicles down and less frizz. It also makes brushing my hair much easier so I use it on my daughters hair too. 

Semi Di Lino Heat Protectant spray is amazing for giving your hair a glossy shine and it protects it from the heat of your hair dryer/straightener/tongs. 

Revlon Uniq One. I love the smell of this and it definitely helps protect your hair from moisture/humidity/frizz. Leaves your hair soft and manageable too. 

L’Oreal Mythic Oil. This is probably my favourite of all as it just makes my (Frizzy,woolly) hair so sleek,shiny and healthy looking. I carry this with me if I tie my hair up too, to tame any stray hairs or flyaway hairs. 

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The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops Launch

I was only talking to a mother and her daughter at the daughters bridal trial last Saturday about mixing foundations to get a custom colour just for your skin tone. 

For years I have used the MAC pro Face and Body White foundation to lighten foundations and mix a much darker foundation to achieve a bespoke foundation for my clients. 

Now The Body Shop have brought out these handy darkening and lightening shade adjusting drops to change your foundations in a few simple steps. 

Every woman I know owns a few if not more bottles of foundation which are not the right colour for her skin tone and these offerings from The Body Shop are a game changer.  At €17 they will be money well spent and I will be stocking up to have them on hand for any custom bespoke blending needs. 

Just think of it as an investment. Your skin gets darker during the summer as we are outside more(stay away rain) or you’ve been on a sun holiday and your foundation is too pale for you now. A drop of the darkening shade adjusting drops mixing liquid will  darken your foundation a shade and a half saving you buying a darker foundation and you have this at hand. And likewise in Winter your skin gets lighter and your foundation is too dark, or you decide not to wear fake tan, a drop of this mixed with a pump of your foundation will give you a perfect foundation which blends in and no tide lines. 
I sometimes use some foundation on feet to cover purple/bluish tones and this will again be a welcome hand in the mixing stakes. Making life simpler. 

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops available at THE BODY SHOP