Hair care favourites 

If like me you have coloured hair/ frizzy hair/ humidity disaster hair or dry ends then you’ll know the struggle is real to keep it looking shiny and healthy.

I have just a few of my favourite oils and sprays I use on the ends of my hair here to show you.  

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance is a leave in conditioning spray which you spray onto hair when it’s wet/damp and I find it amazing when my hair is drying out/frizzy as it calms the follicles down and less frizz. It also makes brushing my hair much easier so I use it on my daughters hair too. 

Semi Di Lino Heat Protectant spray is amazing for giving your hair a glossy shine and it protects it from the heat of your hair dryer/straightener/tongs. 

Revlon Uniq One. I love the smell of this and it definitely helps protect your hair from moisture/humidity/frizz. Leaves your hair soft and manageable too. 

L’Oreal Mythic Oil. This is probably my favourite of all as it just makes my (Frizzy,woolly) hair so sleek,shiny and healthy looking. I carry this with me if I tie my hair up too, to tame any stray hairs or flyaway hairs. 

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