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Lipstick Heaven

It’s a very personal choice and one that many women & Brides struggle with. A lot of brides are not lipstick wearing lovers and prefer to wear gloss but for your wedding day it’s best to wear a lipstick as it lasts longer than gloss and you won’t need to reapply it so often.

Here I have just a small selection of lipsticks that have been popular with my brides and they range in colours and textures. 

Inglot Liquid Lipstick in Matte finish:

A creamy consistency which dries to a matte finish leaving lips looking perfect for hours, very little touch up needed and didn’t flake or make lips look dry or cracked when I tested them. 

Inglot Matte liquid lip tint #11 

A gorgeous pink/coral lip colour if you want to have a pop of colour on your lips but it’s not overwhelming. A pretty shade which will enhance your lipshape and give your make up extra definition.

Inglot liquid lip tint matte #12

A pretty pinky/red shade for those more daring brides. Perfect for a vintage look along with simple eye make up and a statement lip. 

The Balm, Ima Goodkisser: 

One of my popular coral/pink lipsticks. It’s moisturising and has lots of pigment so very easy to apply and great for lips which are prone to dryness.

The Balm,Mai Billsbepaid :

The perfect nude for Irish skin tones, pretty shade with moisturising properties and a creamy,satin finish.

Catrice,Luminous Lips,#170:

For the bride who wants more colour and is used to wearing a stronger lip colour. This is like a glaze lip colour so perfect for dry lips but will need to be reapplied more regularly compared to a matte lipstick.

Wet n Wild 912c:

One of my more popular deeper nudes with brides. Adding more depth and because of it’s consistency it will have more staying power. 

Mac, Angel:

A timeless bridal pink lipstick and is still very popular for a pretty yet understated lip for the classic bridal look. Because it is a frost finish it will give a sheen to the lips and also great for dry lips.

Mac, Velvet Teddy:

A cult lipstick associated with Kylie Jenner as this was her staple lipstick before she produced her own line of lipkits. It is a deeper nude lipstick with great staying power and pigment so won’t need as much touch ups compared to a gloss or a frosted finish.

Clinique,Blushing Nude:

A gorgeous classic creamy nude shade with a slight sheen to it for a more natural bride.

Mac,Creme Cup:

A classic nude favourite with Mac lovers gives your lips the nude look without being to orangey or overdone. This is complemented very well with a gloss applied over it. Perfect for someone who chooses a very dramatic eye look.

Mac,Hot Gossip:

A pretty pink which is a cremesheen finish. Lovely on the mother of the bride also. Because it’s a cremesheen it will not be drying on the lips.


A pinky brown lipstick. Very popular for the bride who wants a pinky/brown lipstick which isn’t too daring or bright. It has a frost finish so not drying on lips but has the appearance of a creamy lipstick.

YSL Rouge Voupté Shine:

A clear moisturising lipstick which treats and cares for your lips when you apply it. Great on its own to add moisture to dry lips or over a matte lipstick or lipliner to add shine and dimension to lips making them appear larger.

Mac,Pure Zen:

A gorgeous soft creamy peach nude lipstick for those who want a soft kissable lip without too much drama. This is a very easy to wear colour and is gorgeous teamed with a brown smoky eye and coral peach blusher.

Charlotte Tilbury, Nude Kate:

A gorgeous nude with orange/peachy undertones. Gorgeous on tanned/swallow skin and beautiful packaging when you pull it out of your bag to top up your lipstick.

Charlotte Tilbury, Matte Revolution,Between the sheets:

This pink/coral is one of my new found favourites for brides who want a pink which is soft enough for their wedding day. It is matte so will last longer than a cream or frost lipstick.

Rimmel, Kate Moss #45:

I’m so happy I found this lipstick it has been a huge hit with my clients who hate lipstick but need a slight colour on their lips. It is a soft pinky brown and so easy to wear. It suits everyone and is even more gorgeous with a pop of gloss on top. 


 A pretty pink which is the perfect choice for brides or anyone who likes a deeper pink. This would be best suited for people with fuller lips and quite a natural eye make up look. It’s a creamy consistency and although it won’t dry out your lips don’t expect it to be long lasting.

The Balm
, Meet Matt(e) Hughes, Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks:

Sincere, A fabulous mix of a nude with a Mauve/pink/brown hue which gives the lips definition without being too dark. Lasts approx 4hrs+ Gorgeous alone or with a dab of gloss in the centre of the lower lip.

Adoring, A deep,rich,luxurious red with wine/burgundy base. Not for the faint hearted. Would suit a darker skin tone perfectly and would be stunning with a nude lined eye make up look. Would best suit larger fuller lips and not for dry flaky lips as it dries to a matte finish. Again you can expect it to stay put and not transfer for at least 4hours.

Chivalrous, A bright Barbie pink. I’ve had a few brides who will opt for a statement lip and this would be just amazing for that look. It really is as bright and beautiful as you see it here. Not for the faint hearted. You need confidence and flawless make up to pull this off. It really is such a beautiful shade for a summer wedding or a girls night out. Will last 4hrs+ but will need to be reapplied after eating/drinking etc. 

And last but not least my budget favourites:

Penneys P.S. Liquid Lipsticks:

PS Liquid Lipstick #15 Nude:

€2.50 available from Penneys and this is very popular it’s mostly always sold out and impossible to get your hands on. It is a very wearable nude lipstick with quite a tacky,sticky finish so will not be drying and if you lose it you won’t be devastated.Ive used this on top of high end lipsticks to make the lipstick three dimensional and to add the illusion of volume to the lips. A must have for everyone.

PS Liquid Lipstick #02 Peach:

I’ve had many a bridesmaid fall in love with this and just in shock that this is from Penneys. It’s such a gorgeous peach and so pretty on the lips. And at only €2.50 it’s amaze value. 

CATRICE, Volumizing Lip Booster:

I stumbled upon this when I was waiting for my prescription and playing with the testers on the CATRICE stand and was drawn to it. I have used it on every make up application since and everyone has loved the smell,taste and slight tingling sensation it gives to plump your lips. It’s quite a subtle pink so it would go over any lipstick,liner or gorgeous on its own for kissable soft glossy lips. available nationwide and only €3.99.

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Here are some Stockists  :

The Balm Europe Also available from :Make Up For Ever Dublin & Debenhams
Wet n Wild
Charlotte Tilbury

What’s in my kit?

What’s in my kit?

So many people are amazed when I turn up to work with my Zuca bag filled with amazing make up goodies. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s in my kit for shoots, weddings, corporate call outs, videos, debs, hen parties etc.

What's-in-my-kit-01 What's-in-my-kit-02



Mac face & body
Mac studio fix fluid
Mac select
Make up Forever HD foundation
Chanel vitalumiere
Bella Piere mineral foundations


Mac studio fix
Mac pressed powders
Mac mineralize
Mac careblend
Make up forever HD


Mac select cover
Mac Pro longwear
Rimmel wake me up
Ysl touch éclat
Estée Lauder disappear

Eye primers

Mac eyeshadow primer
Urban Decay eye prime
Mac paint pot painterly


Bella Pierre 9 stack shimmer powders
Mac Pro pan shadows in various colours
Urban decay shadows de-potted from book of shadows and housed in z palettes.
Make up forever pan shadows
Urban decay palettes

Blush & bronzers

Make up forever
Bella Pierre
Benefit hoola


Make up forever
Bella Pierre
Make up forever

Lip glosses

Make up forever
Bella Pierre

Eye & Lip Pencils

Urban Decay
Make up forever

Liquid/gel eye liners

Mac fluid line
Rimmel gel
Inglot gel
Make up forever aqua gel
Make up forever black pan liner


Bio fresh cleanser, toner & moisturiser
Herbal life radiant C spritzer
Clarins eye make up remover
Clarins hydra quench day cream
Mac fix spray
Burts bees hand sanitiser in aloe
Make up forever flash palette
Eye lashes
Duo glue
Disposables, tissues,cotton buds, cotton wool, disposable mascara wands, disposable lip brushes
Safety pins
Eye drops
Chewing gum
Hand wipes
Make up remover wipes
Nail polish remover


So there you have it…


A lot of products. If you would like anymore information on any of the products I use, or even to chat Makeup, don’t be afraid to fire me a message either via the contact form on the website, or catch up with me on Facebook.


Georgina Heffernan talks Makeup with Ann-Marie Carey

The glamourously gorgeous Georgina Heffernan, Author, Journalist and talented Milliner chats to me about make up and skin care.

Georgina Heffernan 01


What skin care regime do you use morning & evening?

Over the years, I’ve tried almost every product on the market but my favourite Eve Lom soap with a simple flannel;my skin feels just incredible after it. , I finish with by rubbing olive oil into my skin.For 20 years I have used nothing but olive oil in my beauty regime. I use it to remove my eye makeup and I use it to moisturise my face and body. It‘s free or chemicals, cheap and my skin always looks plump and dewy. If Olive oil does not suit your particular skin type – try almond oil or coconut oil.

Do you use moisturise? If so what do you use?

I moisturise with my home – made vitamin c cream. Vitamin C is proven to help prevent age spots and encourage collagen production. Great. But why can’t we just pop a few tablets – or even better, down a few oranges? Well, you can, but while your system will benefit, your skin receives a measly 2% of the nutrients you eat. That’s why Vitamin C is so popular in creams – taking this powerful ingredient straight from the pot on to your skin.Unfortunately, many of these face creams only contain very small amounts of the actual vitamin, so the potency of the product is greatly reduced. Also, vitamin C is very unstable and only remains active for a few days once it’s added to any lotion . If you make your own products fresh, you can make them in small three day doses that will work when the vitamin is most active – and powerful.My solution is to buy pure vitamin C powder on-line. You can a teaspoon to your regular day cream, Ionised water – or add it to vegetable glycerine, to create your own wonder potion. Try it for just a few weeks and you will be astonished at just how plump your skin becomes. Fine lines will vanish ( I swear I’m not making this up!) and your face will become much, much smoother. Honestly, it’s a wonder.

Do you have a must have skin care item?

The number one beauty secret for glowing skin is to drink plenty of water.

What is your favourite beauty treatment?

Botox – I’d do anything to look younger.

Favourite foundation?

Diorlight. The colors are a perfect match and the texture is so light and airy- it looks like real skin.

Favourite make up brand?

Chanel. The products are amazing but they’re so beautifully packaged they’re like little works of art.

Can’t live without?

My dermaroller. The needle-studded roller, reportedly loved by Angelina Jolie, works by puncturingthe face with 0.5-1.5mm pins, causing it to bleed and stimulating the body’s natural healing process. The idea is that this causes trauma to the outer layer and stimulates the repair process, boosting collagen production, which makes skin appear radiant .It has been dubbed the credit crunch laser and, although it sounds savage, it has become this year’s biggest beauty hit. I bought my New Spa Dermaroller online at eBay, for less than 50 euro and once it arrived, I immediately set to work rolling it across my poor unsuspecting face. Two weeks later, having used the Dermaroller twice weekly, I noticed that my skin was plumped up and my acne scars had been dramatically reduced. So, do I look like Angelina Jolie? Well, I’ll never have her lips or her husband BUT three weeks in and I am definitely one step closer to having her glowing complexion – my skin looks so much fresher and younger and my acne scarring is a thing of the past

Love product? Leave product?


If you want a long and healthy hair, you can use coconut oil instead of hair conditioner as women in India do. It helps both hair and skin. Use coconut oil to massage your scalp. Your hair will grow faster and will shine more.


long fake lashes and long fake nails. They look nasty

If you had €200 what skin care or make up would you purchase?

I’ve always been a fan of the Clinique three step range because it makes your skin feel dramatically different, with a plumped up dewy look. It also lasts for ages , so it’s a good investment.

Does make up change how you feel about yourself?

It makes me feel more beautiful and confident.I like the way it can transform the way I look and I get to be creative with my appearance in a way that men never can

And lastly what’s your favourite make up look?

Marilyn Monroe’s famous pout wouldn’t have been the same without it. And Elizabeth Taylor’s beautiful smile would have lost much of its sex appeal. Forget diamonds, these girls best friend was, undoubtedly, and a tube of bright red lippy .

Today fashionistas Scarlett Johansson,Anne Hathaway, Dita Von Teese and young Georgia Jagger have brought the look back and are rarely seen without bright red lips. It’s my favourite make up look because it transforms your face and gives you an instant dash of glamour.

Georgina Heffernan 02


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Emma English talks make up and skin care

Emma English, Model, Mum, Fashion show & Events organiser gave me the low down on her skincare and make up.
As a busy woman she never neglects her skin and always makes time to apply her make up in between juggling motherhood and her business.

Emma English interview-01


Hi Emma, how are you? You seem to be very busy at the moment?

At the moment I am extremely busy with projects including working with Calum Best to launch his clothing line Ibiza Boys Club… On August 15th in Krystal, a private High Profile Celebrity VIP launch evening then open to public later in the night.

What skin care regime do you use morning & evening?

My skin Care Regime….Cleanse, with Clinique facial soap….rinse with very cold water then moisturise with Bio Oil Skincare. I’d then apply my Tan Organic to give a natural tan.

Do you use moisturise? If so what do you use?

I use Bio Oil Skincare as my facial and Body moisturiser.

Do you have a must have skin care item?

I swear by Bio Oil Skincare. Couldn’t be without it! It’s even great for using under make up. I would apply it, leave it dry for half hour then apply my make up.

What is your favourite beauty treatment ?

My favourite Skincare treatment would be Facial peels.

Favourite foundation?

My favourite foundation would be Mac Studio Fix Fluid & Bio Fresh mineral make up.

Favourite make up brand?

Mac, Clarins, Bio Fresh & Clinique are my favourite brands.

Can’t live without?

I can’t live without Bio Oil, Bio Fresh & Mascara!

Love product?

I love Clinique Dramatically Different moisturising gel & Bio Fresh Anti Ageing Serum along with Great Length hair extensions.

Leave product?

I’d leave lipsticks rather use a nice natural lip balm!!

If you had €200 what skin care or make up would you purchase?

If I had €200 it would be mix n match between gorgeous clothes at Amanda Kevlin Fashion house in Naas, Mac foundations ,Korky’s shoes, Clarins Skincare & Bio Fresh products.

Does make up change how you feel about yourself?

Absolutely….It definitely has that feel good factor, when your going out you feel much more confident!

And lastly what’s your favourite make up look?
I adore the smokey eye, high shine blush and nude lips look!!

Emma English interview-02


Amanda Kevlin Fashion
Bio Fresh Skin Care
Korkys Shoes
Great Lengths Hair Extensions
Calum Best