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I have looked at Phibrows for a long time, thinking this could be the answer to my prayers as I have very few eyebrow hairs left after manic plucking sessions in the 90’s!

I had saved up to have the procedure done last year but my little car Lola needed work so my eyebrow money was spent on that.

Recently I won a competition to have Phibrows done with Phi Master Kim O’Sullivan and I was so happy I actually cried.

So, on Wednesday this week I had my appointment and it’s safe to say I was nervous and excited at the prospect of having proper brows again.

As you can see by my before photo, I had very few eyebrow hairs!!!

Kim went through the formalities and forms, measurements and shapes to suit my bone structure etc. and the procedure began with numbing cream and the first cuts ( Scraping, weird sensation) It was uncomfortable but I kept thinking of the end result, BROWS!

Anyway, I could go on and on but I’ll keep it brief!

Here’s a pic of me about 30 mins later in my car with my new pals (BROWS)

Define & Contour with Catrice Cosmetics!

Contouring, highlighting, strobing, baking… each season brings a new beauty trend, be it fad or fashion. Luckily, Catrice Cosmetics always has a finger on the pulse of all the latest trends, bringing you the very best on-trend products at every day prices. When it comes to shading and highlighting, remember that it’s important to keep things natural – accentuating the natural lines, hallows and highlights that shape our face.Definition isn’t just confined to your skin, however – brows, eyes and lips also get in on the action this season thanks to some hero products from Catrice! Here are just a few of our favourites for a perfectly sculpted look:

Catrice Prime & Fine Professional Contouring Palette, €4.95

Two-in-one products will always come up trumps in our book! This duo, consisting of two easy-to-blend powders, allows you to create a professional makeup look

from home. The darker shade is applied under the cheekbones, along the hairline and beneath the jawline to define the shape of your face before blending. The

lighter shade is used to highlight the cheekbones, brow arch and bridge of the nose. Before applying lipstick or lipgloss, use your finger to dab the highlighter on your cupids bow to make lips pop.

Catrice Light & Shadow Blush, €4.50

This dual blush contains a lighter highlighting shade and a darker blush which can be applied individually for clear contouring and definition or blended for a more subtle effect. For an alternative beauty trick, this blush also looks fantastic worn on the eyes, using the lighter shade along the brow bone and the darker shade on the eye lid or crease of the eye. Available in 3 shades – coral, rosewood and dark red.

Catrice Liquid Luminizer Strobing Pen, €4.50

Add subtle definition and shimmer with the new Liquid Luminizer Strobing Pen, available in 2 shimmering shades – 010 Sleeping Beauty’s Rose and 020 Ready for Champagne. The product has a soft brush applicator for accurate application of the easy-to-blend liquid formula. The texture is enriched with fine shimmer particles to capture and reflect the light for radiant skin.  

Catrice Eye & Brow Contouring Palette, €4.95

Shade and shimmer effortlessly with Catrice’s Eye & Brow Contouring Palette. Available in 2 shades, this palette contains 3 soft matt shades for the lids and eyebrows as well as a shimmering highlighter to accentuate the eyes.

Catrice Brow Lifter & Highlighter, €4.50 

This professional 2-in-1 is the perfect makeup duo for the eye area – use the matt highlighter to accentuate the brow bone and frame your eyebrows while the shimmering highlighter is applied to the waterline and inner corners of the eyes.

Define, contour and glow this Spring with Catrice Cosmetics, available from Penneys stores and pharmacies nationwide now!

Holly Shortall talks make up & Skin Care

I had the opportunity to chat with the Uber cool Holly Shortall.
I followed her progress with anticipation when she was a contestant on T.V. show “style wars”.
Holly’s style and love for the quirky and alternative fashion had me hooked for weeks!
Holly now a Fashion Illustrator with huge success doing Illustrations of Irelands Top Fashion pack and Iconic Imelda May & Victoria Beckham along with one of Ireland’s most successful beauty/fashion bloggers Joanne Larby”The Make Up Fairy”.
Holly is also a visual supervisor for gap but going part time in September to pursue her illustration dream even further.



Here I ask Holly about her favourite make up products and skincare too:

What skin care regime do you use morning & evening?

I use johnsons face wipes at night to get rid of the days make up. followed by a vichy night cream. The air conditioning where I work is not great so in the morning I use the wipes again to wake me up and then a light Astral moisturiser for under my make up.

Do you use moisturise? If so what do you use?

See above!

Do you have a must have skin care item?

Has to be Johnson’s wipes, some wipes you get are barely wet so you have to use several and really drag them across your face, so these are fab. Oh and also suncream! I haven’t gotten burnt in a few years now it’s just not worth it. My mums always kept her face out of the sun and you can tell, her skin is amazing!

What is your favourite beauty treatment ?

Has to be a manicure, I love a round French manicured nail- very sophisticated!

Favourite foundation?

Vichy Dermablend, it’s amazing!

Favourite make up brand?

I love MAC, there really is no competition their lipsticks, eye shadows and powders are just amazing.

Can’t live without?

My eyebrow pencil. I genuinely despair at photos of me from before the eyebrow trend kicked off!

Love product?

Catrice Nail Varnish (€2.99) I have almost every colour! They literally dry in 10 seconds and last ages.

Leave product?

Maybeline potted gel eyeliner. I used this once to do a cats eye flick and two hours later my whole eyelid was black! It just doesn’t dry- so I binned it.

If you had €200 what skin care or make up would you purchase?

I’d go into the fabulous Elaine in MAC on Henry St, let her work her magic on me by creating whatever look she wanted and then purchase all of the products used. I’d also love to see what all the Creme De La Mere fuss is about

Does make up change how you feel about yourself?

100%! For me It’s like coffee: I’m just not myself without it! If I woke up late for work Id forgo breakfast for 5 more minutes to do my make up.

And lastly what’s your favourite make up look?

I love a strong arched brow, big black cats eye flick and a bright pink matt lip. A modern take on a classic fifties look.

Check out Holly’s amazing Illustrations click here: https://www.facebook.com/hollyshortallillustration