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Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleaner Review 

Clean make up brushes are an absolute must with me and so I was delighted to receive this brush cleaner to try. 

So today I washed a few brushes I used on Saturday. I’m used to the Blank Canvas solid soap brush cleaner and even though this cleaner is smaller it packs a powerful punch. 

Almost instantly the foundation was lifting from my brushes and the process was quick. 

There isn’t a noticeable scent from the brush cleaner which is brilliant as I’m weary of perfumed products especially on eye brushes. 

The only downfall for me is that it’s only recommended for synthetic brushes. 

Lottie London is available in pharmacies and online here : Mullingar Pharmacy

Make up and sponge cleaner from Blank Canvas Cosmetics 

This solid brush cleaner came to me before Christmas and I finally remembered to use it today to clean some of my brushes I used yesterday. 

I was dubious about it to be honest but to be fair I was really impressed. 

A lot of my brushes are white, goat hair , duo and white synthetic microfibre and I used to have to wash them several times to get them white again, not anymore as this solid brush cleaner had them sparkling after one or two goes depending on products used, oil based etc. 

This amazing brush/sponge/beauty blender cleaner is €14.99 and available from 

Blank Canvas Cosmetics

Inish Pharmacy

Cloud 10 Beauty

Meaghers Pharmacy

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