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Giorgio Armani Code Colonia

CODE COLONIA has the elegance of a man who knows exactly how to wear his clothes with a discreet, casual ease, giving him a certain allure and seductive power.  

Stylish, charming, powerful, irresistible. CODE. 

This masculine allure combines a relaxed attitude with elegance revealing a touch of one’s true self, something personal. Interactions with others are more authentic and direct, like a discreet fragrance that is only revealed on contact with the skin. 

ARMANI CODE COLONIA has a evidently simple composition, not limited to the freshness of a cologne, but easy to read, to understand and feel. The relaxed, casual spirit is there in a discreet fragrance that does not provoke, but offers beautiful ingredients and instantly gives an impression of quality. The scent is easy to wear yet exudes a rare elegance. Sensual and attractive, it creates an emotional response at first touch. Hollywood actor Chris Pine* embodies this sensation of an instant attraction.


Created by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu (Givaudan), ARMANI CODE COLONIA is part of the same family as ARMANI CODE and ARMANI CODE PROFUMO.

“When I began to work on this fragrance, I immediately wanted to keep its fougère spirit that’s so attractive and virile, and add to it a freshness and elegance by marrying the note with a soft orange blossom accord.”

Therein lies the originality of ARMANI CODE COLONIA: it is a salicylate fougère cologne that opens with a pronounced citrus note over an underlying sensual, woody, amber tone.

 ARMANI CODE COLONIA offers a combination of citrus (bergamot, mandarin, pink peppercorns) with aromatic middle notes of clary sage that mingle with floral notes and resonate with salicylate orange blossom. The trail ends on a more fleshy base note with woody, amber, tonka and heliotrope notes (for the powdery quality typical of fougères).

 It is this cologne freshness bursting with sensuality, with a light but sophisticated sillage, which reflects a casual attitude elevated to a tenet of elegance that is always respected, never neglected.


The instantly recognisable bottle reveals the same sleek and stylish lines as those of the designer’s clothes for men. Only the colour has changed: ARMANI CODE COLONIA comes in a fresh, seductive blue.

The patinated cap is topped with the GA monogram. Just below, the subtle grain of a wide black band evokes an iconic cummerbund of the tuxedo, a symbol of elegance.

ARMANI CODE COLONIA, a blend of lightness and depth, signalling a different, more understated seduction.

*Chris Pine appears in the film Wonder Woman (summer 2017)

RRP €64.00 50ml, RRP €77.00 75ml, RRP €95.00 125ml will be available nationwide from April 26th 2017

LA NUIT TRÉSOR – A New Eau de Parfum Celebrating Passion

Created by two illustrious names in French perfumery, Christophe Raynaud and Amandine Clerc Marie, La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum is a captivating elixir constructed around a hypnotic black Rose given a discreet erotic twist by vanilla Orchid, the iconic fragrance of women in love. With La Nuit Trésor L’Eau de Parfum Caresse, the two perfumers invented a new love potion as sensual as it is delicate: a tender heart of fresh, textured Rose essence caressed by white Musks and intertwined with a creamy Tonka Bean accord. A scent with smooth, delicious aromas, subtly highlighted within the diamond bottle of Trésor La Nuit, whose neck is adorned with a just-blossomed rose.
A new film reinvents the Trésor legend

In 2015, Lancôme unveiled a new facet of Trésor with La Nuit Trésor Eau de Parfum, a captivating and hypnotic variation of the rose, the flower that inspired the original fragrance, preciously encased in a black diamond bottle. For the second olfactory chapter of this reinvented saga, Trésor La Nuit Eau de Parfum Caresse, Lancôme, grand perfumer since 1935, chose the English director Johnny Green to tell the story of an ultra-contemporary facet of the romantic legend of Trésor. In this original film, model Noah Mills stars alongside the Trésor heroine since 2010: actress and Lancôme ambassadress Penélope Cruz.

iving each day as if it were the first
Paris. An enamoured couple exchanges loving gestures, intimately sharing happiness that nothing can defeat. In the dead of night, the woman silently sneaks out of their large flat. She drives towards some unknown destination, a glow of anticipation in her eyes. A motorcycle races past her and a game begins. Do they know each other or is this by chance? The engines vroom and the tyres squeal. They goad each other on in a car chase towards a mysterious horizon. What are they doing? Where are they going?
When she enters the lobby of a luxury hotel, the concierge slips a key into her hands. It was all planned in advance. A lift rises and the tension of desire becomes tangible. She walks down a hallway, her key to unlock the door. A man is waiting for her. Arms embrace and bodies reunite. It is the same man she left in the bedroom of the spacious flat. He is the one who followed her through the sleepy Parisian streets. He is the man she loves and who loves her. It is a delicious lover’s game. A way to leave each other only to experience the joy of meeting again, as if for the first time, with the same emotion and desire. Every day and forevermore.
In a stroboscopic succession of shadows and flashes of light, Johnny Green builds up the tension with breath-taking suspense, underlined, after a few notes of Trésor’s original anthem, by the sensually bewitching track from the Australian group Movement, “Ivory”, whose lyrics were specially rewritten for the film. Green’s camera reveals the sublime Penélope Cruz, the perfect incarnation of a modern woman in love. In control of her destiny, she is moved by the desire to make every day of love like the first, in a perfectly equal relationship that offers the freedom of being oneself, while being part of a whole: 1+1=3, the new equation of a couple, a story captured through the lense of the photographer Nico Bustos.



Penélope Cruz, the incarnation of confident and modern femininity
From her first impetuous steps in front of Bigas Luna’s camera in 1992, with each and every film and role that the Spanish actress has taken on, she has continuously proven that a career is not simply based on talent or luck. Being an actress is about being chosen, but also about making choices. Not waiting for an outstretched hand, but inciting desire and never resting on one’s laurels, whether they take the form of an Oscar, of a Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival or of a Goya for Best Actress. Drama, comedy, suspense, action, fantasy/thriller, westerns… As curious and perfectionist in Europe as she is in Hollywood, Penélope Cruz has continuously challenged herself with new emotions and universes, refusing to make the same choices over and over again and even co-produced one her last movie Mama. From Pirates of the Caribbean to Vicky Cristina Barcelona, from Broken Embraces to Nine or Volver and so many other masterpieces, in the eyes of the world, Pedro Almodovar’s muse represents femininity that is strong yet sensitive, passionate yet intelligent, sublime yet accessible.
The keys to mysterious beauty
Penélope Cruz’s make-up for the La Nuit Trésor film was done by Pablo Iglesias, her long-time personal make-up artist both for her films and her collaboration with Lancôme. To perfectly yet subtly enhance her complexion, he used the make-up base La Base Pro Hydra Glow, Teint Idole shade 03, Poudre Majeur Excellence shade 01, Belle de Teint shade 04 and Blush Subtil shade 011.
Her eyes are shrouded in mystery with Hypnôse Palette D02 and intensified by Crayon Khôl Noir, Grandiôse Liner Noir, Grandiôse Noir mascara and Sourcils Styler Brown.

On her lips, a touch of L’Absolu Rouge Poème Mat is set off with Juicy Shaker shade 142.

In her neck, the smelling of La Nuit trésor.

#LaNuitTresor #LancomeIreland
La Nuit Tresor (RRP 100ml €88) will be available from all Lancôme counters nationwide from April 2017.

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PS Penneys/Primark Bath & Body Collection review 

Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit and Coconut sound good? They smell even better than you can imagine and I’ve been enjoying these latest treats from Penneys ever since I got them in the post. 

My daughter Zara-Zöe just loves the Strawberry shower gel, especially after swimming and has been loving using the body scrub on her little knees. The hand cream is gorgeous too, and it doesn’t leave your hands too greasy afterwards which is a pet hate of mine, so I can get on with things. 

I’m loving the Coconut products too much, the scrub is perfect for gently removing any unwanted remnants of fake tan and it effectively removes and softens any dry/dead skin, leaving your skin nice and soft. The body spray is gorgeous and the fresh scent of coconut gives you a holiday lift in this dreary grey weather we have at the moment. It dries quickly so is perfect after the shower before dressing. 

I gave my Mum the Pink Grapefruit products to try and she is loving them, she’s particularly loving the scent and the hand cream is perfect for her as it’s not too overwhelming. 

The PS Love Rose perfume is so light and hints of floral and citrus make it perfect for daytime.

The PS Love Noir Perfume is a heavier scent with accents of musk and is a gorgeous perfume for evening. 

Penneys also very kindly sent me a backpack also pictured and it’s lined so can be used for the gym. We are currently loving it for swimming and it’s just €12 The Bath and Body range is available in Penneys now and prices range from €2