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The Make Up Fairy has just unveiled her first product! 

If you are looking for a special gift to give someone for Christmas this year maybe consider this make up brush set from Joanne Larby but I reckon they’ll be a sell out so better be quick off the mark! 

Well done Joanne xxx

They look so pretty and girly and the bag that accompanies them is just so original and unique too! 

Here’s what Joanne said on unveiling her product 

THE WAIT IS OVER!!! The first product from my new line is…A set of 12 make up brushes that I poured my heart and soul into for the past year. The name? Fairy Wands. The packaging? A rose bronze star complete with strap that functions as a handbag, brush holder, cushion and free standing display that looks luxurious. The brushes? Handmade, cruelty free, vegan friendly, and even kind to trees. The bristles? The softest hair you’ll ever touch, virtually shed free, that wash like a dream and retain their shape. The brush shapes? A collation of my all time favourite shapes compiled over the years as an MUA. The hair colour? White fading into peach so your brushes already look dipped in blusher instead of looking dirty when used. The handle? Tiffany turquoise to be that little bit different in every way. The price? €90 for the bag and full set. The PERFECT Christmas gift. Available for pre-sale tomorrow from my website at 8pm #enchantbyjl

Get yours Here


Penneys have done it again

Penneys have come up with the make up goods yet again!

This morning I received this cute delivery of their new gorgeous rose gold foundation brush and very sturdy make up brush holder. This holder is so well made and I think it would be perfect to protect your personal make up brushes when going on holidays.

The black brush holder will be available in July and the rose gold one in August for €6

The Foundation brush it feels so soft and silky, almost velvety, it’s great to give a light to medium coverage of foundation and is also excellent for blending cream contouring. It is available in July for only €4 and would be an amazing dupe for the more expensive ones available.

Penneys Facebook page