Roxanne Parker Fashion Stylist shares her make up & skin care tips

Roxanne Parker Fashion Stylist with editorials in Italian Vogue, Life magazine, Independent newspaper, Social and Personal,Rte Guide,Juno & Irish Country Magazine to name but a few. Roxanne is frequently seen on Xpose also showcasing her effortless style. Roxanne always exudes style and effortless beauty and here you will get a sneak peek into her beauty and make up secrets.

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What skin care regime do you use morning & evening? 
I use liz earls hot cloth face polish system, I only started using this product 3 months ago when I bought it at the Chelsea flower show but I love it! It’s an organic product and it smells amazing. I love the fact the muslin cloth system takes off all your make up and gently exfoliates your skin all in one go!
In the mornings I apply Olay regenerist 3 point super serum followed by Olay total effects 7 in one moisturiser with factor 15- it’s amazing!
I also use a Dermalogica anti aging eye cream.
In the evenings after cleansing I use Lumecin overnight Brightening Gluco treatment which helps with brown sun spots and the appearance of pore size.
Do you use moisturise? If so what do you use? 
Olay total Effects 7 in one moisturiser with factor 15
Do you have a must have skin care item?
I am a big fan of face masks so every week I do Dermalogica multivitamin power recovery masque
What is your favourite beauty treatment ?
Jessica geleration manicures and pedicures at Ken Boylan Make up play. They only cost €25 for the manicure and it lasts 3 weeks so its excellent value and it really cheers me up having pretty nails!
Favourite foundation?
I don’t wear foundation I wear Clarins beauty flash balm with Rimmel match perfect concealer
Favourite make up brand?
Ken Boylan Make Up Play
Can’t live without?
Ken Boylan lipstick in Bambi
Love product? 
Davines compact matifying primer- it’s a white powder compact that rids skin of shininess without any cakiness
Leave product?
Most of the high street BB creams- they are orange heavy and make skin way too shiny – they certainly don’t air brush skin as they promise!
If you had €200 what skin care or make up would you purchase?
Tom Ford make up I think the packaging is so luxe- it’s divine!
Does make up change how you feel about yourself?
Yes a strong red lip can totally transform the way you look and feel in an instant. If I feel rubbish and have no time to do my make up I will just apply red lippy and it always lifts my mood!
And lastly what’s your favourite make up look?
The natural look! I am big into eating healthily and that beauty comes from the inside out. you have to nourish your skin and body with wholesome natural foods if you want to have great skin. No amount of products can beat the effect of a “real” healthy glow!
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